Daughter Pranks Mom With Fake Hand While She’s Still Recovering From Wrist Surgery.

mom prank

After one mom had wrist surgery, her daughter came in with a hilarious and dastardly prank that has the internet in stitches.

A woman named Kendyl Culpepper pulled the trick just as her mom was coming out of anesthesia, and still feeling out of touch with reality. To add some levity to the moment, Kendyl brought a plastic hand to the hospital, and when it came time to check on her mom, she pretended it was her new prosthetic limb.

“Mom, did they tell you what happened?” Kendyl asked in a concerned voice. “Well, your hand is gone. They gave you mine.”

Kendyl held up her arm, and a miniature hand was coming out of her sleeve. While a perfectly lucid person would have understood it was a ruse, the barely awake mom completely fell for it.

“They couldn’t save yours, so I gave them mine. I can still read the Bible. I can still cheer at baseball games. It’s fine,” she continued.

Kendyl was having trouble laughing, which should have been a giveaway. But her mom starred at the hand in horror and shock.

Horrified mom

“I’m not even left-handed, so I can still write,” Kendyl added.

Kendyl’s Mom Completely Fell For the Obvious Prank

Her mom slowly held up her own hand and studied it for a moment and then looked at her daughter’s, still not realizing the prank.

Kendyl went on to explain what to expect with the new hand.

Checks out hand

“There’s probably a different ring size and stuff but it’s fine,” she shared. “There’s like a callous on one of the fingers. Sometimes it gets in the way, it’s fine. But I hope you enjoy it.

Her mom finally found words in that moment, but all she could muster was “I’m sorry” before commenting that her daughter’s fake hand was “so little.”

“It’s the best they could do,” Kendyl said, laughing hysterically.

It's Okay

The poor mother felt awful about her daughter’s hand, so Kendyl did her best to assure her that she could live a normal life with the tiny prosthetic. She flung her arm around and showed how she could drive a car, hold her hand, and send text messages.

While we didn’t get to witness the moment her mom finally realized the whole thing was a prank, the video cut to a later moment. At that point, her mom was in the car, heading home—and laughing so hard she was crying. So we’re guessing she was good-natured enough to enjoy the gag.

mom laughing in car

Watch the whole prank above and be sure to share the laughs with your friends.

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