Workplace Prank Creates A Great Laugh… For Everyone Except The Boss.

A three-panel image showing a man prepping his lunch (panel 1), reaching for the microwave (panel 2) then scrampbling over the breakroom table with a frightened look on his face.

What qualifies as a good prank can be a bit subjective, depending on whether you are the prankster or the prankee. The one initiating the trick already thinks the results will be hilarious. The person on the receiving end isn’t always in a jovial mood afterward.


When it comes to workplace pranks, we think we found the ultimate prankster on TikTok. The opening scene involves a microwave, something unexpected in the microwave, and a boss he wasn’t expecting.

Image shows an office breakroom, focusing on the white microwave on a counter. The area is about to become the scene of a workplace prank.
Image from TikTok.

The stage for the prank is set. The first person who opens the microwave is going to get a surprise. Several workers are lounging around the break room, presumably on lunch break and “in” on the joke. Then boss comes in and begins to prep his meal. He opens the microwave and hilarity ensues!

No more spoilers about this prank. Hopefully, the boss was a good sport!


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