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7th Graders Brutally Roast Their Teacher In Silly Video.

Students roast the teacher in a hilarious video clip.

With the trimming of school district budgets, Home Economics was one of the first class offerings to be dashed. That means students are no longer taught household budgets, cooking, and baking during school. However, that did not stop students from preparing a roast of the teacher in one 7th-grade class.

This teacher has developed a rapport with his students that permits them some freedom of expression. He has a TikTok channel that entertains adults and students alike. During one of his recent videos, he asked students what they would buy for someone who was almost 30 for Christmas. The answers were outrageously hilarious.

The Question - What do you get for someone who's almost 30 for Christmas?
Image from TikTok.

A small voice rises from the back of the classroom, suggesting “a wife and kids.” The teacher barely had time to reflect on that answer before another student popped out with “a life.” Middle school kids can be brutal.

Let the teacher roast begin! Students offer some interesting suggestions.

Image from TikTok.

His students weren’t done. They kept offering suggestions, including hearing aids, body deodorant, wine, life insurance, and better style (we agree with this one). One student suggested a wedding ring and then told him he needed to hurry up and propose to Ms. Amanda!

Are there marriage plans in the future for the unwary teacher? One student thinks it is time to propose to Ms. Amanda.
Image from TikTok.

The thoughts kept flowing as the roasting of their teacher continued. Retirement fund, a therapist, WRINKLES. At the end of the clip, one helpful student stated they would get him socks. Out of all the suggestions, only one was practical. The socks.

The roast of the teacher continued with some practical recommendations of wine and socks.
Image from TikTok.

Looking To The Future After This Teacher Roast

The teacher showed shock at some of his students’ thoughts and recommendations. As we said, middle schoolers can be brutal. Thinking of 30 from their young teen perspective means you’re in the “parent-age” realm. That means you are old, old, old.

These kids were unrelenting in their roast of the teacher. He took it in stride, and the video is amusing. Watch the entire clip for all of the hilarious gift ideas. We think the wedding ring for Ms. Amanda might have an underlying meaning. That might be a video for the future. This teacher’s unique approach and TikTok videos give us a glimpse into teen life. Share this with other parents. You’ll probably recognize your own children’s attitudes in the classroom.

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