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Dancing Teachers Go Head To Head With Cheerleaders During Pep Rally & Steal The Show

Cheerleaders and teachers squat as they watch a cheerleader and teacher dance. Both the cheerleader and the teacher have one leg and both arms up in the air.

Every school has their own traditions — but not all of them go viral. Thanks to the dancing teachers at Bishop Blanchet High School in Seattle, their homecoming celebration has been seen by millions of people around the world. Although this is a tradition they’ve had for years now, it wasn’t until 2022 that they decided to share it — and we’re oh-so glad they did!

During the pep rally on the day of homecoming, the cheerleaders put on a special dance routine. What makes it so special is that each of them are paired with a teacher. Taking turns, each duo puts on their own performance. As you can imagine, the results are absolutely amazing!

@bishopblanchet Supersonic– the teacher edit! #hoco2022 #tradition ♬ original sound – Bishop Blanchet High School

Each year, they choose the song Supersonic by J.J. Fad for their routine, and it never fails to make the student body go wild! As much as the folks at this high school love this tradition, they were still happily shocked at how much it blew up online.

Dancing Teachers at Homecoming Pep Rally Steal the Spotlight

Cheerleaders and teachers squat on the gym floor. One cheerleader and teacher stands as they do a dance routine. Each has one hand on their hips an done behind their head.

In fact, J.J. Fad themselves not only liked their video but also shared it to their own social media pages!

“I thought it might get a fun reaction and bring lots of smiles because it’s school spirit and almost nostalgic to anyone watching,” Julie Gallaudet, director of marketing at the school says. “I was floored by the comments. We have tens of thousands of comments and they are so supportive and positive.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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