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Teacher Shows Off Her Moves In A Dance Battle With Students — And Wins!

A two-photo collage. The first photo shows teacher Yolanda Turner with one foot in the air, dancing, while students around her cheer. The second shows Yolanda smiling as she walks away from finishing her dance. The students behind her look shocked and continue to cheer.

Exam season is a tough time for both students and teachers alike. While it’s important for students to make time for studying, it’s also important that they take time for breaks, ensuring they don’t get burnt out. This is something the kids at Summer High School & Academy in Riverview, Florida understand. So, how do they relieve stress? Through dance battles, of course!

It’s nice enough that teachers at the school allow their students to blow off steam in this way, but Yolanda Turner was not going to leave all the fun to the kids. Between the music and all the excitement, this beloved teacher decided to join.

In a video capturing the moment, her challenger, a student, shows off some impressive moves. During his performance, he remains focused. But as soon as he taps Yolanda on the shoulders, indicating it’s her turn, his face shows that he can’t believe what is happening.

This feeling only continues when Yolanda dishes out her own moves, clearly not holding back. In an instant, the crowd of students erupt into cheers, shouting to the beat of the music. The energy in the room is contagious, even through video. And by the end, it’s pretty easy to declare the winner: Yolanda!

Watch Yolanda have an unforgettably fun moment with students in the video below.

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