Dancers Mesmerize With Flawlessly Synchronized Routine Set To “Somebody That I Used To Know”

A dance group stands in a formation with one person at the front and center.

Music has a way of moving us like nothing else. Pair that with some of the best dancers in the world, and the result is magical. That’s exactly what happens every time dancers with the CDK Company come together. This international company, located in the Netherlands, provides training within a collective. In turn, they create some of the most mesmerizing dance routines.

If you check out their YouTube channel, you’ll find lots of videos that showcase their talents as a group. One of their most popular videos shows a group of people dancing to the hit Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye. If you already love this song, you’re sure to love it even more after watching their performance!

Between the beautiful cinematography and the dancers’ expressive faces and movements, there’s so much to love about this video. Each decision only adds another layer to the message behind the song, and it’s absolutely breathtaking!

Somebody That I Used to Know Dance Routine Will Leave You Speechless

“The fact that groups of people can do things like this together makes it worthwhile being a human,” someone in the comment section of the video writes.

A giant of people in a formation all lean to one side as they dance and walk.

“The fact that THOUSANDS of collective hours of dance practice and creative editing only requires a free click and four minutes is proof we are living in the future of world class entertainment!” another person points out. “This deserves an Oscar for world’s best choreography!”

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