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Chance the Rapper Pulls His Steal Card After Powerful “The Voice” Battle

The Voice

Last night was the second night of the Battle rounds on The Voice, and Alyssa Crosby and Asher HaVon gave a powerful duet that was flawless enough to keep them both on the show. 

The duo from Team Reba absolutely belted We Don’t Need Another Hero by Tina Turner during the March 18th installment. They both showed impressive range and voice control and had John Legend and Chance the Rapper on their feet and cheering. 

When they finished, the coaches gushed over Alyssa and Asher’s stage presence and talent. Chance began the critiques and said that he believed Asher won the battle, but gave Alyssa full credit for “keeping up” with Asher’s big and powerful performance. He also admitted that he couldn’t believe he didn’t turn for her during the auditions. 

Reba Gives Standing Ovation When Chance the Rapper Steals Her Former Team Member

Dan + Shay went next and the admitted that Alyssa shocked them because they didn’t realize how strong her voice was, and they were surprised she was on par with her “powerhouse” competitor

John came in after and added, “That was so, so good.” He gave both singers equal praise and said the choice would not be easy for Reba. 

When it was Reba’s turn to talk, she shared how wonderful and talented Alyssa Crosby was, and said she had every quality she needed to be a star—but Reba decided to keep Asher HaVon. The country singer said she would have kept both singers if she hadn’t used her playoff pass. 

Alyssa took a moment to thank Reba for working with her, but before she could get through her speech, Chance slammed his red button for the steal. 

Alyssa Crosby get the steal on The Voice

The second she realized what had happened, Alyssa froze mid-words and turned white before breaking down in tears. 

Reba stood and applauded the choice and told Chance that Alyssa wouldn’t disappoint him. 

“I stole Alyssa because she was going neck and neck with somebody who’s just a naturally god-given talent. And when you can pull that out of yourself, to me, that’s the quality of a star.” 

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