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Dalmatian Pair Fights Off Pack Of Coyotes To Protect Their Dog Walker.

Two Dalmatians going for a stroll with their dog walker.

Two Dalmatians likely saved a Boston dog walker’s life when a pack of coyotes tried to sneak up on them! Josstin Lantadilla was taking Deanna and Tasha for a stroll on Wednesday morning when he noticed one of the pooches behaving strangely. Little did he know, four of the wild predators were following them. Luckily, the dogs’ protective instincts kicked in almost immediately, leading to a brief fight with the coyotes.

“Deanna got very upset and she jumped backwards and I said ‘What’s wrong with her?'” Josstin recalled to WBZ-TV, adding. “She knew right away.”

A dog walker wearing a baseball cap recalls the fight.
Screengrab from CBS Boston/YouTube

He continued, “When I look to the back, I just saw them. I never realized there were four coyotes behind me.” 

When the coyotes attacked the Dalmatians, the two dogs were ready to fight the pack. Josstin jumped into the fray, as well.

“Deanna grabbed him from the side of the neck and shaked his neck one time and I tried to kick him, I kicked him,” he said.

A Dalmatian who saved her dog walker by biting a coyote.
Screengrab from CBS Boston/YouTube

The Dalmatians’ owner says coyotes have attacked in the past.

Jane Friedlander, the owner of the Dalmatians, isn’t surprised that her girls were able to scare off the coyotes. Not only have they encountered these animals before, but the spotted dogs are apparently bred for this purpose.

“They’re meant to drive away coyotes, wolves, foxes, rabbits, anything that would bother a stable of horses,” she said.

Two Dalmatians going for a stroll with their dog walker.
Screengrab from CBS Boston/YouTube

According to CBS News Boston, Jane believes that coyotes in her area are becoming more violent. For the safety of both people and pets, she thinks they should be relocated.

“I don’t know what the solution will be other than letting people get bit,” she said.

Watch the video below to hear more about how brave Dalmatians Deanna and Tasha fought coyotes to protect their dog walker.

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