Footage Captures Amazing Moment Woman’s Dog Fetches Her Medicine And A Drink.

Images show a service dog getting medications and water for his owner during a health alert.

Watch this video to see a service dog during an alert. Service animals can receive training to detect a number of health conditions. The dog in the video clip has trained to detect Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). The condition causes a faster-than-normal heartbeat that can be triggered by standing from a sitting or lying position.

Everyone may have an occasional episode resembling POTS, but for people with the condition, it happens almost every time they stand. Although POTS is normally not a life-threatening condition, an episode may cause a fall, resulting in injuries. Some of the symptoms can include lightheadedness, nervous tremors, fainting, difficulty thinking, and several other indicators. When this service dog alerts the owner, she immediately sits down.

Image shows a service dog alerting its owner of a health issue.
Image from Instagram.

Once seated, the dog goes to work fetching medicine from the counter and a bottle of water from the fridge. Once the woman has everything she needs, her service dog lays down on her to provide comfort. A POTS episode can be frightening for the person suffering the health crisis and those watching. Many of the symptoms resemble a person having a stroke.

Image shows a service dog getting medication for its owner.
Image from Instagram.

As you watch the video, you may notice several distinct phases of care administered by the loyal pup. The first indicator is the alert. The dog stretches up on the owner insistently. Once the owner sits on the floor, where she is safer, the dog goes into overdrive. First, he fetches something from the counter that appears to be a perscription pill bottle. After leaving that item with his “patient,” he goes to the fridge.

Dog retrieving water from a fridge so its owner can take medications.
Image from Instagram.

The owner has the fridge set up with a pull strap so the dog can easily open it. Bottles of water are on the lower shelf for easy access. The dog grabs onto the pull strap, opens the fridge, then grabs water for the woman. When the owner has everything they need, the dog lays down on her lap to wait for the spell to pass.

The primary function of the service dog is to alert the woman before she falls. This keeps her from possibly injuring herself during a fall. Dogs have a great sense of our health and can provide early warning to keep their owners safe. If you enjoyed this story, please share.

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