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Heartbroken Golden Retriever Is Sure His Humans Have Abandoned Him… Until He Looks Up

Left image shows a dog hanging its head. Right image shows the golden retriever howling.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines separation anxiety as “a form of anxiety experienced by a young child and caused by separation from a significant nurturant figure and typically a parent or from familiar surroundings.” While this definition relates to children, the condition can also manifest in pets. Cats and dogs noticeably mope when their favorite human is absent. One golden retriever faked illness when his dad went on a business trip. The golden retriever in the video below spends his day howling.

Listening to this golden retriever howling is heartbreaking. Dogs don’t understand the concept of time. Five minutes for him might as well be five years because it’s all the same — it is forever! Just look at this poor baby. He has parked himself by the door while he mourns the loss of his puppy parents. He is using every part of his diaphragm to vocalize his complete and total distress.

Image shows a golden retriever howling.
Image from YouTube.

As the howling sound of distress echoes through the house, you must wonder who is recording this adventure. It’s his mom, but he doesn’t know that… yet. He keeps howling his mournful howl for anyone within two blocks of their house.

The Reveal That Made This Golden Retriever Stop Howling

Our sad little pupper let out a bark of frustration. As he finished the bark, his eyes caught a glimpse of something on the upstairs balcony. Instant recognition showed on his face. His ears perked up, and he seemed to smile!

Left image shows a dog right after he barked unhappily. Right image shows a golden retriever with ears perked up as he sees his owner upstairs.
Image from YouTube.

This little fur baby is so expressive that you can almost hear him thinking, “Mommy’s home!” The second when he realized that he wasn’t home alone was so “golden retriever” perfect, we can’t describe it. That face is why people love goldens so much. Please share this if you laughed at that adorable doggy face!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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