Daily Dose Of Cute: Baby Donkey Gets Adorable Case Of The Hiccups

A man holds a black baby donkey in his arms.

If you’ve never watched a baby donkey with the hiccups, you’re about to witness one of the cutest things you’ll ever see! TikTok account Our Simple Homestead shared the most hilarious video of one of their four-legged friends, and the internet can’t stop laughing. In the clip, a man holds a tiny baby donkey in his arms while the creature experiences a round of hiccups. The poor animal looked so confused as to why his body was making those sounds!

Cash, the donkey in the video, actually has a really interesting backstory. Abandoned by his mother, the cute little guy was adopted by the owners of the farm. Now, he lives at the house with his humans, where they feed him from a bottle. According to the caption, that’s how the baby donkey got the hiccups in the first place.


Poor Cash, he drank his bottle and ended up with the hiccups. Even his hiccups are cute.#farmsoftiktok #gratitude #babydonkey #animallove #farmlife #farmtok

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“Just when you thought that he couldn’t get cuter!” wrote one commenter.

“Seriously, CUTEST THING ON THE INTERNET!!!” said another.

A man holds a black baby donkey in his arms.
Screengrab from TikTok

We honestly can’t get over how sweet and affectionate this baby donkey is, even while dealing with a case of the hiccups. The way he turns to his dad for comfort in this trying time is way too adorable! It’s no wonder the internet has fallen in love with the little guy.

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