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“Miracle” Preemie Donkey Defies All The Odds After Mom Rejects Him

A woman holds an adorable baby donkey in her arms.

One lucky baby donkey is living his best life with his human parents after being rejected by his birth mom. A farming couple on TikTok, known as Our Simple Homestead, recounted the incredible story of how Cash the “miracle” donkey came into their lives. According to his owners, this little guy was born prematurely. It was a coincidence that the couple happened to be in that part of the farm when they heard their pregnant donkey giving birth.

It’s a good thing these farmers were there at that moment, because Mama didn’t want anything to do with her child. In fact, the donkey tried to stomp on her little baby! One of the owners had to swoop in and rescue the tiny animal.


Our little miracle was so unexpected. Even though he has just been with us for a few days, we cant imagine life without him in it. We would always want our babies to be raised by their mother but sometimes the sad reality is that they reject them.#farmsoftiktok #gratitude #farmtok #babydonkey #farmlife #animallove

♬ Heaven Is a Place on Earth – The Mayries

As soon as this couple brought the baby donkey into their home, they knew he was a keeper. Cash turned out to be incredibly affectionate, easily making friends with the other animals on the farm. He also started following his human parents everywhere they went!

A woman holds an adorable baby donkey in her arms.
Screengrab from TikTok

In an update video, the couple revealed that their baby donkey had even won the heart of the family’s fiercest guard dog, Dagger. Footage shows the usually gruff canine wagging his tail and licking the younger animal.

“Dagger is the head of the farm, a tough livestock guardian dog meant to defend and protect,” the farmers said in their clip. “These dogs are not known for being affectionate and loving.”


When I tell you Cash is our little miracle I mean it. Every day he amazes me with the relationships he forms with the most unlikely partners.#farmsoftiktok #gratitude #babydonkey #animallove #farmlife #farmtok

♬ A thousand years – Zeus

Cash may have had a rough start in life, but this baby donkey seems to have found himself an incredibly loving family. Here’s hoping that this little rescue continues to grow into a happy, healthy animal!

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