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Daily Dose Of “Aww”: Baby Platypus Gets The Cutest Belly Rub

A baby platypus gets his belly rubbed by a human.

Have you ever seen a baby platypus? Get ready for a cuteness overload! UNSW Sydney shared the most adorable Instagram video of one of these tiny critters from their Platypus Conservation Initiative. In the clip, a rescued baby platypus gets a belly rub from one of the University researchers. This sweet little guy really seems to enjoy the attention!

According to the video’s caption, this baby platypus was acting pretty strangely before being rescued. The Platypus Conservation Initiative brought him in for observation to make sure he wasn’t sick or hurt. Thankfully, nothing was actually wrong with the creature. Once he was released back into the wild, he seemed to be doing just fine!

“The platy was able to enjoy some belly rubs, being too young to have venom in his spurs (and remember, this is an expert researcher don’t attempt to provide belly rubs to platys yourself),” read the UNSW caption.

Many commenters on the video were surprised to learn that platypuses become venomous in their adulthood. According to Encyclopædia Britannica, males have venomous spurs on the insides of their ankles that can actually prove lethal to other small animals. Looking at the adorable footage of this tiny baby platypus, you’d never believe he could grow up to be so threatening!

A baby platypus gets his belly rubbed by a human.
Screengrab from Instagram

“30 years,” wrote one user. “30 years I’ve been alive and I never knew a platypus was venomous.”

“If venomous, why cute???” lamented another. “If dangerous, why friendly?”

We’re so glad that UNSW and the Platypus Conservation Initiative decided to share this sweet footage with us. That way, we can appreciate this absolutely adorable baby platypus from the safety of our homes!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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