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Daily Dose Of Adorable: Tiny Sea Otter Pup Shows Us Her Best Swim Moves

Left image shows a baby sea otter playing with a toy on a blanket. Right image shows the little lady playing with a toy in the water.

The newest Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue (VAMMRS) patient is a baby sea otter pup. This adorable little critter is already making big waves at the rehabilitation center. Most animals are raised in their natural habitats by their parents. Those interactions teach them how to be proper critters for whatever species they are. Unfortunately, when parents aren’t available to train the young, rescue centers like VAMMRS are integral in preparing the animals to return to their natural habitat.


Our newest patient enjoying one of her many daily swims! We love watching her blow bubbles and learn to dive for her toys below the surface 🥰 #marinemammalrescue #rehabilitation #babyseaotter #seaotter #cutebabyanimals

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This baby sea otter was only two weeks old when rescued. She will need lots of interaction and staff to learn everything she needs to know. But first, there will be a naming contest. VAMMRS posted the current standings on Instagram: Tofino — 58%, Maple — 18%, Uni — 11%, June — 7%, and Inez — 6%. Tofino was where she was found, so the overwhelming response to that name makes perfect sense.

Swimming lessons will teach the baby sea otter to float, swim, and dive. This is important for her survival once she returns to her natural habitat.

Images show a baby sea otter learning to float and roll over in the water.
Image from TikTok.

Part of the training regimen is teaching this baby sea otter to groom herself. Otters have the densest fur of all mammals. The human care team will work with her so she learns to care for her coat, including her feet (paddles). There will also be plenty of playtime. The orange pylon seems to be this little girl’s favorite toy. She still struggles to hold things with her tiny arms but is trying hard to improve.

The more she plays with her toys, the more coordinated this little lady will become. To follow her progress, subscribe to VAMMRS on TikTok or Instagram. Share this so others can enjoy watching her grow.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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