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Farmer Shares Precious Footage Of Newborn Donkey With Mom & We’re Squealing

A donkey protectively stands over her newborn baby donkey.

Is there anything quite as precious as a newborn with their mom? In a viral video, one woman shows off the absolutely adorable new addition to her farm: a baby donkey! The video is simple, but it’s so sweet. As the farmer explains on her social media page, one of her donkeys recently gave birth to her little one. Not long after, the two of them could be found together, with Mom protectively standing over her newborn.

All animals are adorable but, honestly, I feel like donkeys don’t get nearly as much love as they should. Just look at their adorable faces in the video below! How could you not want to give those two all of the pets and cuddles!? Based on all of the positive feedback in the comments, it’s clear that many people feel this way — see why for yourself!

@kdawgyuh Our newest foal is heeeeere 🤗 #fyp #minidonkey #donkeysoftiktok #farmanimals #farm #farmtok ♬ original sound – kdawg

After watching this video, lots of people want to pet the donkeys, of course. But just as many are left with a lingering question: How on earth is that baby donkey almost as big as her mom!? Luckily, this kind farmer was happy to give more details on these two.

Adorable Baby Donkey Steals Hearts Over Sweet Moment Shared With Mom

@kdawgyuh Replying to @DivineSophia65 moms are champs that’s all I gotta say! #fyp #donkeys #donkeytok #minidonkey #farm #farmtok #farmanimals #maui #hawaii ♬ original sound – kdawg

So, turns out, babies have a lot of time to grow when the gestation period is 12 months. That being said, this baby donkey is particularly large, still making it baffling that she was able to fit inside mom not long ago. But, if you’ve ever been pregnant yourself, or know someone who has been, you’re probably not as surprised. Pregnancy truly is a wonderous miracle!

Plus, all that matters is that both Mom and baby are happy and healthy — which is certainly the case with these two!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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