Olympic Gold Medalist Katie Ledecky Shows Off Unexpected Swimming Skill.

swimmer with milk on head

Olympians are all capable of absolutely incredible things. Their physical feats are beyond imaginable… especially for couch-lovers like me! But gold medalist swimmer Katie Ledecky is taking her talents to an entirely new level.


This clip of Katie Ledecky swimming has a bit of a twist. She’s not just swimming in her lane… she’s carrying a glass of milk on her head. With! No! Hands!

I truly cannot imagine the skill that it takes to pull this off. I can hardly swim… let alone balance while I swim! I’m too busy gasping for air.

“I can’t carry a glass of water from my kitchen to my bedroom without spilling,” commented one fan of the Katie Ledecky clip.

swimmer with milk on head
This image is from Instagram.

“I don’t think people understand how difficult this is,” commented another. However, I assure you: the difficulty is not lost on me!

Hilariously, a few viewers pointed out that she probably could’ve stuck with a glass of water.

“The thought of spilling milk in the pool is preposterous,” said one viewer. True that.

But Katie Ledecky wanted a tasty drink at the end of her workout! If you watch until the end of the clip, you can see she gets a nice treat.

What an absolute legend!

The featured image for this post is from Instagram.

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