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Daily Dose Of Adorable: Cat Has A Blast “Ice Skating” Around Frozen Pool.

An orange cat sliding across a frozen swimming pool.

A frozen backyard pool might not be quite big enough for a person to go ice skating, but it’s apparently the perfect size for a cat! A hilarious video of a confuzed kitty slipping and sliding across an icy pool is going viral online. In the clip, the adorable orange feline is equally unnerved and intrigued by the slick surface beneath their paws. They say cats always land on their feet, but this critter definitely fell flat onto their belly a few times!

Even though the cat didn’t quite get the hang of “ice skating” on the frozen pool, they still seemed to be having a great time! Commenters thought the footage from a Texas backyard was too funny.

“This is a joy to watch!” wrote one user. “Thank you so much for sharing this with us!”

Another added, “If he only knew it was frozen WATER! YEOW!”

However, one person said it best when they wrote, “I can watch this all day.” We couldn’t agree more!

An orange cat sliding across a frozen swimming pool.
Screengrab from YouTube

Spring is on the way, so this cat’s frozen pool probably won’t be much of an ice skating rink in the coming months. However, we’re sure this kitty will find plenty more hilarious mischief to get into. After all, cats always do!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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