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Dad Tries To Help Clumsy Daughter Walk On Ice, But Mom’s Hilarious Reaction Has Entire Internet Cracking Up!

We have shared some great laughs with you. Remember the grandpa who let out one of the greatest laughs of all time when his family pranked him with a styrofoam birthday cake? How about the woman who had a ball laughing by herself while playing with a face-distorting app? These laughs are not only fun to see and hear, they are contagious! Now– once again– we are sharing a goofy, contagious laugh with you… and it may be the most memorable of them all!

Canadian Caroline Charter, uploaded the video below of her sister– Suzanne– struggling to walk to her car after an ice storm. And the struggle is so real. Despite Suzanne’s Sorel boots (and regardless of the help offered by her kind dad), Suzanne can’t even stand upright on the ice!

But– hilarious though Suzanne’s struggle may be– the greatest part is definitely the laughter coming from Caroline and Suzanne’s mom in the background.

In case you can’t get enough of the goofy guffaw… you can make Mom’s laugh your ringtone!

“Since my mum’s laughter is such a significant part of the video’s success,” wrote Caroline, “we have decided to release her laughter as a ringtone in the iTunes Store.” She added that proceeds of their ringtone sales would be donated to raise awareness for mental health and depression.

Caroline also clarified that– while Suzanne was totally unable to walk on the ice– she was safe to drive! “Car has winter tires… the roads were salted and gritted so driving was perfectly safe.”

“Nobody was drunk,” she added. When you see Suzanne’s clumsiness and hear Mom’s laughter, you’ll understand why she felt the need to clarify!

Check out the hilarious video below and share!


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