Foul Ball Comes Flying At Dad And Napping Daughter, Now Watch His Instincts… Incredible!

If you’re a die-hard baseball fan, catching a foul ball during the game is a life goal. That feeling of pride, luck and accomplishment is irreplaceable. The dad in this video found a way to do that, but on a much grander scale!

While at a Phillies/Blue Jays game, a dad sitting in row G thought it was just another awesome opportunity to take his young daughter to the ball game. Though she fell asleep quickly in his lap, the fun was not lost…in fact, the entertainment actually grew!

Out of nowhere, a ball came tracing into his section. Passing over dozens of other fans, the ball came right towards dad,and he ended up making the perfect one-handed grab.

The rest of the crowd went wild as a he made the catch without dropping his food tray or his little girl. As he realizes what’s just happened, his face lights up with happiness and what was probably a little bit of pride at his accomplishment.

Watch the video below to see this incredible moment below and share this superdad’s great catch!

JUST IN TIME for #FathersDay! A dad made an amazing one-handed catch while holding his daughter at a Phillies game! Way to go, dad! – Rachel Pierce | Clay Miller NBC2

Posted by NBC2 News on Friday, June 17, 2016

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