Judge Stares In Disbelief After ‘Tough Guys’ Get On Stage And Do Opposite Of What They’re Expecting!

When Echo, Montre, China and Big Rome of Linkin Bridge stepped on stage, most in the crowd were a little skeptical of their upcoming audition at America’s Got Talent. You could just tell from the look on the judges faces… this was probably going to be the longest two minutes of their day.

The rough and tumble tough guys didn’t have much to say once they stepped in front of the crowd. According to Echo, they get together to sing ‘here and there’ but they’ve kept it up all through the years. Much to the surprise of the judges and the audience, all that practice definitely payed off.

It turns out, Linkin Bridge is one of the best A Capella groups this side of the Mississippi. The group shocked everyone in the crowd after instantly shedding their tough demeanor and belting out an acapella version of the classic “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”

The crowds reaction was immediate and hilarious. They just couldn’t believe four tough customers would sing such a happy, iconic song! It got better and better until the big finale, when all four judges buzzed them through to the next round.

Check out their incredible performance below!

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