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Drama Alert! These 15 Over-The-Top Felines Have Major Cattitude.

Cats are known to be a wee bit dramatic, but some are even more exaggerated about it than others.

All of our feline friends have the potential to become whirling balls of fur and teeth when the cat nip comes out, but there are certain cats who don’t even need any prompting to flip out. These dramatic cats are just born that way, and they definitely keep life interesting!

1. We can only imagine what atrocity his human committed to earn this look! Did she turn on the fan? Forget to feed him? Wear the wrong earrings? We may never know.

2. This kitty looks like he just lost his best friend. We are here to comfort you with snuggles, little guy!

3. That must have been quite a story he was telling! “The fish was this big!”

4. Something tells us he doesn’t want any chin scratches right now. (It’s his face. His face told us.)

5. He may be an indoor-only cat, but he was clearly born to be wild.

6. “Oh the inhumanity! Unhand me, tiny person!”

7. He just saw how big his pores look in the magnifying mirror, which is enough to freak anybody out.

8. It must be two minutes after feeding time.

9. Guess he wasn’t expecting that water to be quite so… wet.

10. “Margaret, you are not wearing those pants with that shirt. I forbid it!”

11. Biiiig stretch!

12. “Go away. I do not feel like catting today.”

13. Somebody let him in before he starves to death!

14. The cat is waiting patiently for the new puppy to be alone so he can make his move.

15. Being picked up by an overly-affectionate child is apparently traumatizing this cat.

There, there, sweet kitties! It can’t be all that bad. Certainly nothing a few treats and a warm bed by the window can’t fix.

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