New Mom Catches Her Cat In Hilarious Pose After Setting Up Her Baby Things

Image shows a fluffy white cat in a new baby seat.

Expecting parents with cats all have similar stories. New parents start assembling furniture, toys, and more for their new infant when the birth date is nearing. It never fails that their animal will lay claim to all the latest gizmos and gadgets. So it was when this new mommy began getting ready for her new arrival. After assembling a rocking lounger, she discovered her cat in the baby seat looking mighty comfortable.


This cat looks like a villain, until you see his Grinch feet 🤣🤣 #Pubity

♬ original sound – Pubity

Any cat owner knows the old saying, “It I fits, I sits,” which certainly applies to new baby furniture. Cats will make themselves at home wherever they want. And, of course, we let them because they’re cats, and we love them. When Ellie Kregel’s cat Kevin was expecting a human sibling, he claimed all the new gear for himself, including the bassinette! Kevin is such a personable cat that he is the star of many videos on Ellie’s TikTok channel.

Kevin is hilarious as he sleeps deeply and plays crazily. Hopefully, everything lasts until the baby arrives.

Left image shows a hilarious cat making himself at home in a new baby bassinet. Right image shows the same cat playing with a new baby mobile.
Image from TikTok.

In another video shared on Facebook, an orange tabby cat quickly claims the new baby seat — and the high chair, and the car seat — and you get the picture. Once the baby arrived, the cat didn’t seem to have trouble sharing the baby seat and other equipment.

This trend is at epidemic levels. Every household with a cat and a baby seat can expect this behavior. Fortunately, most cats adapt well to sharing once their human siblings arrive.

Good Luck Getting Your Cat Out Of The Baby Seat!

If you are expecting a child and have a cat, please supervise them as they interact. Cats are typically gentle with infants, but they may also show signs of jealousy. Cats are excellent babysitters, but getting used to sharing your affection may take some time. Introduce your infant slowly and monitor them until you are sure your cat will play nicely.

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