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Cowboy Whips Out Lasso To Rescue Baby Cow Stranded In Frozen Pond

A cowboy rescues a baby cow from a frozen pond.

Baby animals aren’t necessarily known for being steady on their feet, so when this young cow ended up in the middle of a frozen pond, getting back wasn’t going to be easy! A TikTok video shows the poor calf laying down on the slippery surface, unable to move. Thankfully, a brave cowboy showed up to save the day with his trusty lasso! Using his incredible aim, he was able to rescue the stranded calf.

Footage shows the cowboy tossing his lasso around the baby cow, eventually pulling the rope tight around the animal’s leg. Then, the man dragged the calf across the frozen pond to safety! Once the creature was on solid ground, he untied the ropes. Although the rescued calf seemed confused at first, they eventually found their footing in the snow.

Commenters were relieved to see the adorable calf rescued from the slippery pond.

“Great job!!!!” wrote one user. “Glad the calf is ok and hope you are thawed out!!!!”

A cowboy rescues a baby cow from a frozen pond.
Screengrab from TikTok

Where there’s a baby cow in danger, you can bet there’s a cowboy with a lasso not far behind. However, it’s not always calves who need to be rescued; just ask this animal wrangler who caught an adult cow on the highway!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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