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Couple Goes Magnet Fishing In Queens & Reels In $100K!

Image shows a man magnet fishing who found an intact safe.

Magnet fishing has existed for centuries. Records date back to the 3rd century BC when the Chinese used the technique to find weapons and tools lost in bodies of water. More recently, the sport has gained popularity in the United States. The development of neodymium magnets also fuels the increasing popularity of the hobby. Most people don’t expect to gain great riches; they enjoy the excitement of finding unusual items under the water.

One couple, James Kane and Barbie Agostini, got the surprise of a lifetime when they discovered an old safe containing an estimated $100,000 in cold, slimy cash. The two were magnet fishing in Middle Lake in Corona Parks in Queens, New York. They reeled in a heavy, rusty safe and were shocked to find stacks of $100 bills inside. Yes, he did exclaim, “Holy [cuss words].”

Image shows James Kane as he finds hundreds of $100 dollar bills in a safe while magnet fishing.
Image from YouTube.

The couple contacted the NYPD to report the discovery and ensure no legalities were involved. After checking and finding no way to identify the previous owner of the safe or the bills, the NYPD said James and Barbie could keep their find. During an interview, James said they referred to magnet fishing as “poor man’s treasure hunting.”

Image shows muddy, wet $100 dollar bills found in Middle Lake in Queens, New York.
Image from YouTube.

Once the NYPD clears the find, the couple must still undergo a currency redemption process with the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Because the bills have severe damage from water and mud, they will turn them over for inspection and reissue. They aren’t counting their riches just yet, but this windfall will help the family of five move into a home of their own!

Learn More About Magnet Fishing

James and Barbie chronicle their adventures on a YouTube channel named Let’s Get Magnetic. With almost 400 videos, the couple has found a lot in the waterways in and around New York and New Jersey. They have also participated in fishing events in other states, including a Trash4Cash fundraising event in Tennessee. When you visit their channel, please be aware that they don’t edit out exclamations of joy or frustration, so you might hear some colorful language.

Image shows James Kane and Barbie Agostini during an interview after finding approximately $100,000 in a safe while magnet fishing.
Image from YouTube.

The only tools and equipment you need for magnet fishing are a neodymium magnet, a sturdy rope, gloves, heavy or steel-toed boots, and a basic knowledge of local laws and regulations. Experts recommend a magnet with a pulling force of at least 300 pounds. This is not a hobby for the squeamish, as you can get quite mucky and wet. It is fun, and you will surely pick up some interesting items!

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