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Competitors Tumble Down Hill In Hilarious Cheese Rolling Competition

Left image shows Women's Cheese Rolling competition winner Abby Lampe. Right image shows a male winner in one of the men's races.

The United Kingdom (UK) has many traditions dating back to the dawn of early civilization. Before the internet, many were only known locally. But thanks to rampant social media addictions, the world can now share these events’ hilarity. The annual Gloucestershire cheese rolling competition at Cooper’s Hill in the village of Brockworth, near Gloucester. This death- and injury-defying event takes place yearly on the last Monday of May, known as Spring Bank Holiday.

Each Spring Bank Holiday, contestants gather at the top of Cooper’s Hill for the annual Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake. The event’s age is unknown, but it is possibly more than 600 years old, predating the holiday. The competition involves chasing and retrieving a locally produced Double Gloucester cheese wheel. The cheese bounces and rolls down the slope incredibly fast, and competitors also bounce and roll down the hill.

Image shows the beginning of the Men's Cheese Rolling Competition with men racing down a steep hill chasing an 8-pound cheese wheel.
Image from YouTube.

If you are fortunate enough to reach the bottom of the hill intact, the prize is the wheel of cheese. The first to grab the wheel before other competitors is the victor. Local rugby players are waiting at the bottom to help stop out-of-control competitors. Abby Lampe, a champion from last year, returned and successfully defended her title in the Women’s Cheese Rolling competition. Abby hails from the United States. Surprisingly, most of the winners were from countries all around the world.

Left split image shows Abby Lampe rolling down the hill. Right image shows a victorious Lampe holding up her prize (the wheel of cheese).
Image from YouTube.

If you are adventurous, next year’s cheese rolling competition happens on May 26, 2025. Make your reservations early and try your luck. Medical personnel are onsite to care for any injuries. If you win, remember that cheese is perishable. You may need friends to share the 8-pound wheel.

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