Father-Son Duo Go Magnet Fishing And Snag Safe Stolen 22 Yrs Earlier!

George Tindale may be only 15 years old, but he’s already got a lifelong job lined up, if he wants it.


George and his father Kevin Tindale were magnet fishing in the River Witham in Lincolnshire, England, when they pulled up a veritable pirate’s booty. It was a metal safe, filled with 22 years of river sediment and muck, some business papers, a wallet… and £1,400 in Australian currency!

Magnet fishing uses a strong magnet to pull lost ferrous metal objects out of water. George and Kevin’s YouTube channel devoted to their fishing expeditions and the objects they unearth. More than 27,000 people subscribe to their videos, and the father-son duo are always up front about trying to return lost objects to their original owners.

In this video, George first fishes out a door to a small safe. He and Kevin ooh and ahh over the door – little do they know that the real prize is still lurking below the water’s surface!

When George eventually pulled the rest of the safe to the surface, they began to sift through the muck-filled contents. They found a few documents with the former owner’s name on them, but they were careful not to divulge his name on the video.

As they went through the sodden paperwork, they grew excited when they opened a wallet and found American dollars inside. Then, inside a muddy pouch, they found the real prize: piles of Australian notes!

When the video was over, George and Kevin used an expired shotgun certificate to track down the safe’s original owner. Rob Everett, the owner of Winkworth and the Money Options Group, was astounded when the Tindales reached out with news of his long-lost safe. The safe had been stolen from his office by a local teenager back in 2000. The thief had later been caught because he’d left a hat with his name written inside it at the scene of the crime.

It took 22 years for a different teenager to make the theft right! Rob called George and his dad “wonderful” and said he’d given them some of the money as a reward for returning it. He also has a spot for this honest teen in his company, should George ever want it.

“I’d love him to work for us,” Rob said. “He’s only 15 but give him a bit more time and I’d be happy to give him an opportunity.”

What a find! We’ve got to hand it to George and Kevin for doing the right thing and returning the money. We’re sure this haul will encourage them to keep up with their unusual hobby!

Watch George make the catch of the century in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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