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Couple Discovers Love Letters Lost For Decades While Renovating Bathroom.

Old love letters written by a young man long ago.

When this Minneapolis couple decided to renovate their bathroom, they didn’t expect to find a pair of old love letters hidden in the walls! Matt and Carrie Tessmer were thrilled by the number of unique historical items they discovered when they removed the plaster from the wall behind the toilet. Along with the notes, they found a number of locally made cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Many of them are no longer manufactured. These discarded items included soap, makeup, medicine, and even razor blades.

“It is trash to those people, but to us it’s kind of cool to see a little bit of the past,” Matt told WCCO.

An assortment of historic cosmetic products on a tray.
Screengrab from YouTube

However, the couple was far more interested in the love letters they found behind the wall especially when they realized they were written to two different girls by the same young man! Assumed to be a teenager, this boy signed his name John B. However, he also added a nickname, “Lolly.” In these love letters, John proclaimed his affection for a girl named Pauline and another named Hazel. He hoped to see both girls at a play later in the day.

Could the author of these love letters have been a teenage two-timer?

An old love letter written by a young man long ago.
Screengrab from YouTube

Since there were no dates on either note, it’s unclear whether John B. was attempting to romance the two girls at the same time. UPI tells us that Matt and Carrie have been trying to uncover the identity of the young writer. So far, they’ve come up with a few possible candidates. A young man called John apparently lived in that house from the 1920s to the 1950s. There was also a man named John Book who moved into the house as an adult in the 1960s.

An old love letter written in cursive and signed "Lolly."
Screengrab from YouTube

“I would love to know the story behind it and also why the letters did not get delivered and why they ended up in our bathroom wall,” Carrie said.

It’s always exciting to discover a connection to the past. Perhaps the mystery of these old love letters will be revealed someday!

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