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Couple Gives Cheeky Advice For Long, Happy Marriage After 73 Yrs Together.

An elderly couple gives out marriage advice in an interview.

When a couple that’s been together for 73 years gives out marriage advice, you listen! Interviewer Will Rossy has made it his mission in life to learn from the experiences of others. He shares his fascinating conversations with random strangers on his YouTube channel, Sprouht. After meeting a 98 and 94-year-old husband and wife, he had to know the secret behind their enduring relationship. Their answers were way too sweet!

“Don’t tell the person you live with that you know everything and they don’t,” the elderly woman offered, adding, “The whole idea is to keep your sense of humor. If you don’t have that, then you’ve got nothing.”

73 years of marriage
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Next, Will asked the couple for their best tips on living a long, healthy life. Much like their marriage advice, their answers were simple yet very wise. The pair attributed their current wellness to frequent outdoor activity and hanging out with their kids. As it turns out, their oldest daughter is 75! Mom likes to joke that she’s “really old.”

Commenters on Reddit loved the elderly couple’s marriage and life advice.

“I hope to be that sharp and witty when I hit 60, let alone 94 LOL!” wrote one user. “Love their lighthearted attitude and humor.”

An elderly couple gives out marriage advice in an interview.
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When it comes to marriage advice, or any kind of advice for that matter, it’s always a good idea to listen to your elders! It’s wonderful that this sweet couple is passing down their wisdom to the next generation.

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