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This Couple’s Colorful Milk Carton Igloo Will Make You Crazy Jealous.

There’s nothing like undertaking a unique project with a loved one. Not only do you get to spend quality time together, but you create something beautiful along with a wonderful memory.

Young couple Daniel Gray and Kathleen Starrie learned this firsthand when Daniel made the trip from New Zealand to Kathleen’s home in Edmonton, Canada for a visit.

The change of scenery was pretty drastic for Daniel, so Kathleen’s mom came up with an idea: “I didn’t want [Daniel] to just be twiddling his thumbs while he’s here in Canada so I thought, this needs to be something that’s got some meat to it.â€

And that’s when she proposed that the pair build an igloo. Yes…an igloo!

In fact, Kathleen’s parents (who didn’t want the young couple getting too cozy) had already prepared for the undertaking months in advance. They’d already frozen cartons of colored water, all that was left was assembly.


And it wasn’t easy! The foundation had to be laid out carefully.


The family revealed that much of the work was accomplished despite the weather dipping to -13 degrees!

progress made

But even the super cold weather didn’t interfere with the amazing result!

igloo finished

After about 150 hours of work and 500 ice blocks, Daniel and Kathleen had an awesome, colorful igloo.


With a light inside, it even shines brilliantly at night.

really epic igloo

While it’s likely Daniel might want to do something more romantic (in warmer surroundings) in the future, there’s no doubt he and Kathleen will treasure these photos and memories forever.


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