Country Star Jordan Davis Encourages Music Artists to Spread Positivity Through Lyrics

Jordan David

Country singer Jordan Davis is celebrating a win with his recent release Good News Sold, which asks listeners to focus on the positive stories in life. And he’s hoping his success will lead other singers to spread happiness through their music.

The CMA winner, who has been focusing on upbeat tunes lately, spoke on BBC World Service’s The Happy Pod. He shared his concern over the public’s obsession with doom and gloom and said he hopes artists help combat that trend through their work.

“Unfortunately, I think we all live in a world where bad news sells,” he said. “That [song] just kind of really sat with me. And it’s almost like my wish, my hope, that going forward, we start focusing on the positive and not so much on the bad.”

People have been tuning out of the news in masses because it affects their mental well-being, according to a study by Reuters. Jordan Davis said the media should respond by sharing the bright and happy stories that go unnoticed.

“If good news sold, the world wouldn’t seem so bad/If good news sold, we’d be buyin’ everything they had/
And we’d all sleep a little bit better tonight/All be a little less left or right/And turnin’ the TV on and checkin’ your phone wouldn’t ever get old/If good news sold,” he sings in his chorus.

Jordan Davis Says We all Need to Do Our Part to Combat Negative News

Jordan believes that the arts are a powerful way to combat sadness and depression in general, which means creators have a responsibility to produce positive projects. And he’s enjoyed holding himself to those standards.

“That’s my chance to kind of highlight some of those things and combat the papers or the news channels that are maybe just trying to get clicks or sell some story,” he shared.

Jordan Davis previewed Good News Sold when he was performing in Europe during his tour this year. And he said the response resonated all the way back to his hometown.

“I was actually watching my local news here in Nashville the other day. And the anchor brought it up,” he said. “I’m just like, holy smokes, that’s crazy!” 

The singer also noted that it’s not only the media that needs to do a better job of spreading positivity. We all need to do our parts.

“It’s not just journalists or news anchors,” he said. “If you see somebody who needs some help, help them out. I think that’s what my favorite thing about the song is, it’s not necessarily what you’re going to read in a newspaper.”

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