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Artist Carves A Single Grain Of Rice Into Amazingly Detailed (And Tiny!) Godzilla

Left image shows an incomplete rice art sculpture of Godzilla while the artist works to add detail. Right image shows the completed rice art sculpture after painting.

Jewelers have some mad skills, and Russian jeweler Mikhail Myagkkov has them in abundance. His custom jewelry is finely hand-crafted. The detail in each unique piece is a stunning display of Maikhail’s artistic abilities. You can see some examples of his work on his Instagram or official website. Both are in Russian, so have Google Translate ready if you want to do more than look at beautiful pictures. But we’re not here to discuss Mikhail’s jewelry. Today, we are exploring his hobby, rice art, and Godzilla.

The above video originally appeared on a subreddit and has since spread to every social media platform. Mikhail uses just one grain of rice to make his magic happen.

Left image shows the grain of rice Mihail Myagkkov selected for his art. Right image shows the completed sculpture of Godzilla, painted silver with a red base.
Image from LinkedIn.

One grain of rice measures about 0.197 to 0.276 inches, roughly one-quarter inch long. Its width is approximately 0.079 to 0.118 inches, or around one-sixteenth of an inch. Mikhail’s entire creation was made from one teeny-tiny grain of rice! In the above image (left), the toothpick is an excellent visual size reference.

Mikhail using a microscope while working on his rice art Godzilla sculpture.
Image from X.

Mikhail crafts each detail on his tiny sculpture using the tools of his trade as a jeweler. He painstakingly sculpts each scale on Godzilla’s body. The attention to detail is stunning. Mikhail uses a magnifying microscope to avoid eye strain when working with such tiny items. This tool permits him to include incredible detail in his jewelry and this astonishing piece of rice art.

Mikhail’s Rice Art Is Unique

Mikhail’s rice art is not exactly what most people envision when they think about rice and art. Most artists who use rice as a medium use thousands of tiny grains and lots of dyes to color the rice, resulting in a larger finished design. In previous pieces at InspireMore, we’ve discussed artists who use other unusual mediums for their craft. Remington Robinson paints intricate scenes inside small tins. Bridget McCarty creates miniature replicas of famous TV and movie scenes, such as Monica Geller’s apartment from “Friends” or Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment.

While he accepted and excelled at the challenge of rice art, Mikhail didn’t stop there. He has also created a one-of-a-kind sculpture of Godzilla on a sewing needle! Godzilla is not Mikhail’s only rice art sculpture, either. He has also carved a beautiful rose from a grain of rice. So many fabulous artists are creating art to enrich our world. Please share this if you know someone who appreciates detail and unusual works of art.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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