6 Research-Backed Reasons Why Reading Positive News Is Good For You

These days, we need good news more than ever.

We can all agree this year has been a wild ride full of tragedy, anxiety, and uncertainty about the future. But even in these trying times, we can lift our spirits by focusing on the positive things happening around the world. In fact, studies have found that doing so is good for our health, both mentally and physically! Here are six reasons why you should incorporate good news into your reading routine.

1. It mitigates the psychological toll of negative news.

Researchers at the University of Southampton found in a study involving over 2,000 respondents that consuming bad news can cause anxiety and an overall bad mood. Uplifting news, on the other hand, motivated readers to make a positive impact rather than lament societal issues.


2. It encourages readers to stay informed on important issues.

One study found that participants who read an online story focusing on solutions to poverty spent more time on the page. Another showed solutions-based articles made readers more interested in the featured issue – and hopeful about making a difference themselves.

3. It boosts your mood and outlook.

Researcher Nathaniel Lambert of Brigham Young University discovered that people who share feel-good stories with others tend to be happier. In his four-week study, participants documented experiences that made them feel grateful in a journal, then shared them with a partner twice a week. Doing so made them more content and satisfied with their lives.


4. It improves relationships.

The same study mentioned above found partners’ responses had a direct effect on participants’ moods. Those who responded enthusiastically ended up boosting their partners’ moods, while listening to “grateful experiences” made them feel happier, too! Not only do these positive interactions open up communication, but build trust as well.

5. It helps people adapt after difficult situations.

Studying service member couples in Oregon, social psychologist Sarah Arpin of Gonzaga University learned sharing good news makes life easier for service members returning from deployment or helping during natural disasters. Those who shared positive experiences with supportive partners slept better and were more successful in the workplace.

“This study adds to a larger body of literature that supports how important it is to share with your partner when good things happen, as well as to respond positively to the sharing of good news,” Sarah said.

soldier and wife

6. It’s good for the heart.

According to researchers, news that inspires optimism can improve heart health! Laura Kubzansky of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found in a study that optimistic people tend to have healthier lifestyles and cope with stress better, making them less likely to die from heart disease or suffer a stroke.

While we’re amazed by all these benefits, we can’t say we’re surprised. After all, spreading positivity is what InspireMore is all about!

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