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Community Comes Together To Save Thousands Of Sea Turtle Eggs Ahead Of Hurricane Beryl

A group of people gather on a beach in Mexico, gathering sea turtle eggs from the sand

When news breaks about an upcoming hurricane, us humans have a list of things to do to prepare. But what about our animal friends? While many of them are also able to take action during storms, there are those that can’t. This includes the tiny sea turtles still developing inside their eggs. In fact, thousands of these very eggs were in danger of being washed away from a beach in Mexico, all because of Hurricane Beryl.

This nasty storm recently made its ways through the Caribbean, proving to be dangerous. As a result, the folks in Mexico have been taking extra measures to ensure they’re as prepared as possible. But their focus didn’t remails solely on protecting humans. Watch the video below to catch a glimpse of folks rallying together to save these precious turtles.

@weatherchannel Several kinds of sea turtles come ashore in Cancun, Mexico to lay their eggs. See how Mexico took extreme measures to save thousands of those eggs as Hurricane Beryl approached. #TheWeatherChannel #fyp #weathertok #hurricane #prep #hurricaneseason #Beryl #HurricaneBeryl #turtle #animals #conserve #eggs #safety #Cancun ♬ original sound – The Weather Channel

As you might imagine, finding a way to keep so many sea turtle eggs safe is no easy feat. Still, so many government employees gathered to do just that. By working together, they were able to gather and store more than 10,000 sea turtle eggs in in dozens of coolers. Along with the eggs, sand was also added inside to make the transpiration process safer. Normally, it’s not recommended to disturb these eggs in any way. That being said, the circumstances required unusual methods.

Preparing for Hurricane Beryl, Mexico Saves Over 10,000 Sea Turtle Eggs

“Look, it’s not the best thing to do,” Graciela Tiburcio, a biologist and sea turtle expert, says, “but we are facing an emergency in which if they don’t take them out, they all could be lost.”

Their method may not be perfect, but it’s clear that folks from Mexico, and beyond, are oh-so grateful for their efforts.

“THIS IS HUMANITY! Thank you for being Kindness Warriors. Thank you for saving our precious Turtles,” one person shares, with another adding, “That is so cool. Makes me hopeful for this world.”

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