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Woman Frantically Attempts Ring Toss Before Skilled Kitty Ends Game In One Fell Swoop

Left image shows cat aiming a ring on a string. Right image shows the cat releasing the ring and catching it on the hook with its first try.

There should be a rule that says, “Never challenge your cat to a game of ring toss.” In a hilarious clip, our human frantically attempts to land a ring on a string on a hook. She is upstaged by her cat, who skillfully pulls the ring back, aims, and releases with precision to nail the hook on its first try!

Many variations exist for this simple game, but the most common is a T-shaped frame. This one from Amazon is the Franklin Sports Dueling Ring Hooking Game. The rules of the game are fairly simple. Players stand or sit on opposite sides of the frame assembly. They gently swing a loop suspended on a light chain or string like a pendulum. The object is to get the loop or ring to catch the hook and remain in place.

Image from Amazon.

Scoring is usually done using a simple shot glass or marker method. Each time players hook the ring, they move a marker from the center to their opponent’s side. If your opponent has a marker on your side, you may move that back to the center if you hook your ring. The first player to move all the markers to their opponent’s side wins.

Image from TikTok.

In the adorable clip above, the cat swiftly wins the ring toss game. Holding the ring back and seeming to aim precisely, the cat lets go and hooks it on its first try. Typically, the game would continue beyond one score, but you make concessions when your opponent is a cat. Use caution if you are a cat owner and want to try this with your cat. These wily animals can be crafty little beasts and take you by surprise!

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