Bret Michaels Adopts Dog Who Saved A Kitten’s Life, Also Named Bret Michaels.

bret michaels and husky dog

Rockstar and personality Bret Michaels has just brought home a new dog — a husky named Bret Michaels, of course!

This pup was in the news for saving a kitten’s life. The husky was a blood donor for a blood transfusion that renewed the cat’s health. I didn’t even know that dogs could donate blood to cats, but this makes Bret Michaels the Husky a true hero.

Bret Michaels and dog
This image is from Instagram.

Clearly, the two have taken a liking to one another. From taking pics in the yard to going to visit Santa, Bret Michaels the Person is giving Bret Michaels the Dog the rockstar treatment.

Fans of Bret are loving the new rockstar/puppy duo. They’ve taken to Instagram to express their adoration for these new pals.

“Merry Christmas li’l Bret this picture is too cute,” commented one fan on the Santa photo.

“Thank you for choosing rescue and saving a life,” said another.

Bret Michaels has taken to calling his mini-him “Li’l Bret Junior,” which I think is a perfect fit for this daddy/dog pair. Bret and Li’l Bret certainly seem to be enjoying life together.

If you’re looking to bring home a dog this Christmas season, don’t forget that these four-legged friends are lifelong commitments. If you’re up to the challenge, though, they can bring many years of fun!

The featured image for this post is from Instagram.

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