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4 Unforgettable Times The Griffi The Cockatoo Danced Her Heart Out

Image shows Griffi the Dancing Cockatoo dancing on a tabletop.

Griffi was a Goffin’s Cockatoo who adored dancing. She found her family through the Florida Parrot Rescue. Originally a foster bird, she quickly became a “foster fail” and was adopted. On her YouTube channel, Griffi the Dancing Cockatoo, “Griffi” (by way of her human) shared that she had a pretty rough go at life before fostering, giving her a unique look. Despite the trials and tribulations, Griffi remained happy. She will continue to dance her way into our hearts!

Sadly, Griffi suffered a stroke and passed away on August 18, 2023. But that is not the end of Griffi’s story. Her human family continues to foster other birds and animals. They will continue to share previously recorded unseen video footage as they come across it. Her parents are currently organizing fundraisers and other helpful things to promote pet fostering and adoption. In the meantime, please allow Griffi’s videos to brighten your day.

1. Watching TV in the house always meant a happy Griffi.

2. Can’t find a dance partner? Griffi would say, “No problem, show me a mirror!”

3. Inside. Outside. Griffi didn’t care. Everywhere was a dance floor!

In a heart-wrenching Facebook post, Griffi’s mom shared information about Griffi’s last day. The video conveys how loved Griffi was. The one thing Griffi always did was dance, and her human parents think we should remember that. So put on your dancing shoes and start bopping.

If you would like to donate toward any of the fundraising initiatives, there are several links. To assist with toys and other items for their other fosters, you can use the Amazon Wish List to order and ship directly to Griffi’s mom and dad. For cash donations, which help with foster costs, they have a PayPal account. The Memorial GoFundMe is also available for donations. Griffi’s human parents will run a yearly boost on GoFundMe to continue providing assistance to bird rescues in memory of Griffi’s indomitable spirit!

On the GoFundMe account, the organizer stated, “Funds donated will be shared to rescues to help continue Griffis [sic] voice to be heard as an advocate for those who cant [sic] speak for themselves.” 

4. It is only appropriate to usher Griffi across the Rainbow Bridge with her rendition of Dancing Queen by ABBA!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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