Woman Gets Cochlear Implant So Boyfriend Makes Sure 1st Words She Hears Are Special.

Those of us who aren't hearing-impaired often take the sounds of everyday life for granted. In fact, we even complain about some of them. We forget what a gift it is to be able to hear our parents' voices, a baby's laugh, or even a bird's chirping. Andrea Diaz Peakman spent a long time wondering what her loved ones' voices would be like. So when she was finally fitted with a cochlear implant, she was thrilled to fulfill that dream by listening to her boyfriend speak for the first time in years (and maybe even the first time ever). Luckily, he had a special message prepared for her! Andrea and Kevin Peakman dated for five years before she was fitted for her cochlear implant, so we can only imagine the impatience he must have felt while waiting for the audiologist to adjust everything so Andrea could hear again. In a sweet video posted to Facebook, we see Andrea sitting in the office at the end of her fitting. She hears her mom first, and immediately begins to cry tears of joy. Then, after a little bit of trial and error with the implant, it's Kevin's turn to chat. First, he asks his girlfriend if she can hear him. She just laughs as she tells him she can but he "sounds funny." Kevin is smiling along with her as he gets down on one knee. Andrea's surprise is clear as he says, "I love you so much, and you’re my best friend, baby. I wanted to make the first thing you hear was me asking you to marry me." Without hesitation, Andrea says, "Yes, mi amor!" Then she leans forward to kiss her new fiancée. Kevin slides the ring on her finger. "I love you, baby," he says. What an incredible surprise! This couple's sweet engagement is such a good reminder to everyone to appreciate small everyday moments, even the ones we sometimes find annoying. Watch the heartwarming proposal in the video below, and don't forget to share it with your friends! https://www.facebook.com/LightWorkersOfficial/videos/382512789049364/
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