Rescue Dog Has Sweetest Reaction When Foster Dad Makes Her Official Member Of Pack.

When a tiny, filthy dog named Delilah was forcibly surrendered to a local shelter, it was obvious that she’d been horribly neglected by her previous owners.


Chris and Mariesa Hughes of Clifton Park, New York, are used to seeing elderly dogs at their worst. The animal lovers have dedicated their lives to rescuing and fostering senior dogs and pups with special needs through their nonprofit, The Mr. Mo Project.

Even with their years of experience, Chris and Mariesa agreed that Delilah’s case was pretty bleak. Her fur was so badly matted that it cut off the blood flow to her front leg, which made it impossible for her to walk. Not only that, but her jaw had also been broken in the past, so none of her teeth lined up and she could barely eat.

The poor pup was obviously sad and in pain when they first brought her home and introduced her to their other dogs. Even so, her sweet personality was evident, and they never gave up on helping her get well!

“It just blew my mind how someone could have a dog like this,” Chris said. “Just in such horrendous condition.”

Eventually, Delilah’s front leg had to be amputated. She also had to have all her teeth removed. But as soon as she recovered from her surgeries, the little dog got a second chance at life!

Mariesa said Delilah “came alive” after her leg was removed and became an “incredibly different dog” before their eyes. She immediately adjusted to being a tri-pawed because she hadn’t been using her front paw anyways.

As time passed, Chris and Mariesa grew increasingly attached to Delilah. She fit in so well with their other pups that they soon decided to become foster failures once again!

In one of the best animal videos you’ll ever see, Chris makes the adoption official by presenting Delilah with her very own pink collar! Her furry siblings look on excitedly as she becomes an official member of their pack, and it’s enough to melt anyone’s heart.

Since she joined her forever home, Delilah has continued to thrive.

“She’s now the dog she always wanted to be, and she may not have thought that could ever happen,” Mariesa explained.

In an Instagram update, the family added, “She was a scared, timid, sad girl when we got her. Now she is fierce and fabulous, she tries to ‘help’ me by reprimanding the big dogs for poor behaviors, she supervises from the back of the couch or above my head on the pillow.”

We’re so grateful to animal rescuers like Chris and Mariesa for changing so many dogs’ lives! The way Delilah smiles up at her new dad makes us melt.

Watch the heartwarming moment when she becomes an official pack member in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story to make someone smile.

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