Firefighter Drops Everything To Help Lost Husky Find Her Way Home.

You just never know when you’ll be called upon to be someone’s hero.

Maxx Powell is a professional firefighter, so he’s no stranger to rescuing people in need. In his free time, the father of two makes videos for his popular YouTube channel to encourage everyone to live their best life.

One February day, Maxx was on the road making a video when he spotted something out of place. In a quiet section of town near the train tracks, he saw a beautiful husky that had no business being there. Curious, Maxx stopped to investigate.

“I am 100 percent sure this dog is gonna run away from me, but I never just leave a dog out,” Maxx said as he climbed out of his truck.

He approached the animal cautiously. To his surprise, the friendly pup came right over to him, flipped onto her back and let Maxx, a total stranger, rub her belly.

Maxx was concerned that she would be hit by a train if he left her alone. Plus, there were no houses nearby, and he knew huskies tend to roam for miles when they’re left unattended.

That’s when he decided to drop his plans for the rest of the day and help her out! He brought her to the vet before they closed, hoping she would have a microchip linking her to her owners.

On the way there, Maxx decided to call the dog Merlin. He was already getting attached to her, admitting that huskies are his “dream dog.” He figured if no owner was found, his wife Desiree might agree to let him keep the sweet pup.

At the vet, Maxx learned that Merlin didn’t have a microchip, so he brought her home and introduced her to his wife.

Desiree wasn’t thrilled about the prospect of adding another dog to their household, and once she got to know Merlin, she became convinced the pup had a loving home somewhere.

“I’m very excited for her to find her home, because I think she comes from a very good one,” Desiree explained. “She was clean, she’s well-mannered, and you can tell she gets a lot of love at home.”

Maxx posted about Merlin on a few Facebook pages for lost pets, and within a few hours, her anxious family saw one and responded!

They showed up at Maxx and Desiree’s house around 10 that night to collect their pup, who was thrilled to be reunited with her people. Her parents even gave Maxx a small cash reward for his trouble, but seeing Merlin go home safely was all the reward he needed!

We love a happy ending! Thank you, Maxx, for being the kind of person who will stop everything to help others in need!

Watch the adorable rescue mission in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with your friends.

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