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Catherine O’Hara Shares Silly Confrontation With 8-Yr-Old For Her Parenting In “Home Alone.”

catherine O'Hara

Actress Catherine O’Hara, best known for her roles in Home Alone and Schitt’s Creek, had to face the music for her behavior in the famed Christmas movie.

An 8-year-old approached her at the mall to give her the what’s-what about her parenting skills in Home Alone, and Catherine couldn’t have been more amused!


#CatherineOHara revealed that a child once came up to her to question her character’s parenting skills in HomeAlone. O’Hara played KevinMcCallister’s mother Kate, who loses him twice over the course of two movies. #TODAYShow #SundaySitdown

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He approached her boldly, inquiring whether or not Catherine was “Kevin’s mom.”

Catherine explained she played that role in the movie and leaned in to hear what the child had to say.

“Why did you leave him?” the kid asked.

Catherine O’Hara tried to explain the nature of filming and that she, in fact, did not leave him, but this kiddo wouldn’t have it.

“You left him twice,” the kid continued. “Isn’t that called abandonment?”

catherine O'Hara on the Today Show
This image is from TikTok.

Catherine O’Hara hung her head dramatically, taking ownership of her character’s behavior in the most hilarious way.

Catherine is an epically hilarious human, and fans loved her response.

“I love that she was so apologetic,” commented one fan of the exchange.

“That deserves an Oscar,” said another viewer about her award-worthy response.

Catherine O’Hara is a brilliant reminder that hilarity can be found at every corner — even at the mall, with a stern 8-year-old!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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