Man Asks ChatGPT To Write Resignation Letter As Moira Rose From “Schitts Creek” And It’s Hilarious.

moira rose typing

Michael Judson Berry has a reputation for incredible Moira Rose impersonations, and sometimes, he uses an AI pal to help create some fun content. Check out this clip of ChatGPT channeling a Moira Rose voice for a resignation letter — it’s totally hilarious!

Moira Rose is an iconic character from the TV show Schitt’s Creek. She’s known for her ridiculous language and funny pronunciations. Her accent is one-of-a-kind, but ChatGPT seemed to do a pretty good job channeling “Moira Rose voice.”

For one, the resignation letter began with an overly formal and ever-so-Moira greeting.

“My Esteemed Colleagues,” the letter began, “It is with a doleful heart yet innately dramatic flourish as I pen this epistle to announce my departure from [workplace].”

resignation letter in the style of moira rose
This image is from Instagram.

Obviously, this is Moira Rose’s voice to a tee.

The resignation went on to include hilarious allusions to the show, like calling her boss her “bebes.”

Michael Judson Berry nailed the editing, and the result was a perfect representation of the iconic Moira Rose voice.

“It’s the referring to her coworkers as ‘supporting cast.’ Moira is the lead of every staff she chooses to entertain,” commented one fan of the resignation letter.

While this might not be the best resignation letter for the average Joe, it absolutely nailed Moira’s hilarious voice. What do you think? Would you use this as inspiration?

The featured image for this post is from Instagram.

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