Cat Barges Through Snowbank When Mom Calls Him In For Dinner.

A cat jumps through the snow to get into the house.

This cat won’t let anything get between him and his food — not even a huge snowbank! A pet parent on YouTube managed to capture some hilarious footage of her kitty, Plume, bursting through a pile of snow in order to get to his dinner. After a massive blizzard in Quebec, Canada, the cat mom filmed herself calling the feline to come back inside. She got his attention by shaking his food bowl in the doorway.

Unfortunately, the storm had left a couple feet of snow stacked in front of the entrance. However, Plume the cat didn’t hesitate: he jumped right through the snowbank and into the house! His reaction was too funny when he found himself indoors again. The poor kitty looked very confused and cold! According to Plume’s owner, Ann, this isn’t the first time her cat has braved a snowdrift. Commenters were delighted by the adventurous feline!

A cat jumps through the snow to get into the house.
Screengrab from Ann Got/YouTube

“Now that’s an entrance,” wrote one user. “Good kitty.”

Another added, “Never underestimate the strength of a cat!”

Of course, Plume isn’t the only cat who’s not scared of a little snowbank. Meet this kitty who loves winter so much, they can’t wait to dive right in!

Watch the video below to see Plume the cat jumping through the snow at dinnertime.

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