Blind Kitty Shows Us How She Gets Down From A Cat Tree And We’re Impressed.

A blind kitty climbs down her cat tree.

When this blind kitty couldn’t see the way down from her cat tree, she had to figure out another way back to the ground. Relying on her other senses, mostly touch, she cleverly navigated a path downward. She felt around with her paws to find the closest surfaces she could climb onto, like the windowsill and couch. This smart cat utilized the utmost caution as she made it down the platforms of the cat tree!

The blind kitty’s owners caught some amazing footage of the dextrous animal descending from the cat tree. Reddit users applauded the feline’s careful escape method!

A blind kitty climbs down her cat tree.
Screengrab from rogueShadow13/Reddit

“You can see her reaching her paw out to feel for the window sill and orient herself in the right direction when she gets lower down!” wrote one commenter. “What a smart kitty!”

“Clear proof that blind kitties can live a full and happy life with a bit of extra help, she’s such a clever girl!” another person added.

Pets with disabilities might need a little more attention and care than others, but they’re so worth the extra effort. This family adopted a blind puppy, and it’s the best decision they ever made.

Watch the video below to see this blind kitty find her own way down from her cat tree.

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