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Cat “Swims” Through Deep Snow — And Loves Every Second Of It!

A cat gets covered in snow while playing outside.

Not everyone appreciates winter weather, but one cat can’t get enough of swimming in the snow! While other kitties might prefer to enjoy nature from the comfort of their homes, this feline loves to run around in the yard on the chilliest days. The cat’s owners captured an adorable video of the four-legged adventurer hopping into a blanket of fresh snow and appearing to swim. It didn’t matter that the snowbank was taller than the kitty’s entire body — they still had the best time!

As if this wasn’t cute enough, the cat’s mom started packing snowballs and throwing them for the animal to catch. Every time, the kitty leaped right into the deep snow searching frantically for the ball! Commenters on this adorable YouTube video were inspired to share their own experiences introducing their cats to the phenomenon of snow. Some pet owners were proud to report that their feline friends had no trouble braving the cold, but others had to admit the opposite.

A cat gets covered in snow while playing outside.
Screengrab from Localish/YouTube

“I had a cat that would burrow tunnels through the snow,” wrote one user. “He would dive in, and pop up somewhere else.”

“I let my boy in the snow for the first time this year and he completely freaked out,” another recounted. “Pretty sure he’s an indoor kitty for life now as he won’t even go near the door now.”

Watch the video below to see the cat whose favorite activity is playing in the snow!

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