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Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter Runs Onstage During Concert, Shares Sweetest Moment With Dad During Their Special Song.

There’s something special about the relationship between dads and daughters. As any loving dad will tell you, no matter how old his daughter gets, she’ll always be his baby girl. If you’re lucky enough to have grown up with an adoring father, you know this to be true. But it turns out this is also true of mega-celebrities like Jon Bon Jovi!

When Bon Jovi’s daughter, Stephanie Rose, was 7 years old, he wrote the song “I’ve Got the Girl” for her. Since the song is one of his older tunes, he doesn’t play the song much at concerts anymore, but when he does it’s accompanied by home videos of Stephanie growing up. However, during a performance last weekend in Las Vegas, Bon Jovi decided to treat his audience to the song… and a special guest appearance from Stephanie herself!

Even though Stephanie is now 23 years old, you can tell as she jams onstage with her dad that she still loves her special song.

“It all goes by so fast,” said the superstar before he called Stephanie onstage. “They start out as little bitty babies and their future’s looking bright. And I wrote this song for that little baby, who’s now not such a little baby anymore.”

It was a truly special moment.

Check out the sweet father-daughter surprise below and share!

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