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Steve Harvey Asks About “Dirty Jobs,” But Contestant’s Surprising Answer Leaves Him Speechless.

man looks nervous and steve is shocked

Family Feud host Steve Harvey always knows how to put on a great show. Whether he’s blowing us away with an inspiring act of compassion¬†or making us laugh, he’s always sure to give us some kind of feels. But sometimes it’s his contestants who leave us amazed with their hilarious answers! During a Fast Money Round, a contestant recently gave Steve the “best answer” he’s ever heard!

In a special Fast Money Round, contestants have to quickly answer 5 questions that have already been answered by a survey of 100 people and they must quickly try and guess what was the most popular answer among those 100 people. The only hitch? One of their team partners has already played the Fast Money Round, so they aren’t allowed to answer the same question twice.

For example, when the contestant in the video below — a man named Rocco– races against the clock to answer the questions, he gets momentarily stumped when asked “What’s something you fill with water?” His answer is bottle, but a partner has already answered with “bottle” so Rocco changes his answer to “pool.” Similarly, he’s asked “Name a job that’s dirty but someone has to do it.” First, he says “plumber,” but that’s taken. But Rocco’s second answer has the audience cracking up and leaves Steve Harvey speechless.

“You just stunned the world with that one,” says Steve when he recovers. Unsurprisingly, none of the survey-takers had put down his answer.

Check out the video below to see Rocco’s hysterical answer yourself!

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