Boaters Come To The Rescue Of Swimming Bear With Plastic Tub Stuck On His Head.

A bear swims in a Wisconsin lake with a large container stuck in his head.

When taking a leisure trip out on a lake, you tend to be aware of any bears that are in the area, specifically so you can stay away from them. But when Tricia Hurt, her husband, and their son come across a bear while fishing, they don’t hesitate to do whatever they can to rescue the poor creature. This trip took place on Marsh-Miller Lake in 2020.


At first, their day of fishing is uneventful. Then, the family spots what they think is a dog swimming in the lake. Soon enough, though, they realize that it’s actually a young black bear. But getting close to the creature isn’t what scares them — it’s the realization that there’s a jar stuck on his head.

Wisconsin Family Pulls Off Impressive Bear Rescue

Water fills the container as the exhausted bear continues to swim around, desperate for his escape. Without hesitation, the Hurt family jumped into action! It takes a few tries, but they manage to get the container off, allowing the bear to swim back to shore.

Turns out, this was day three or four of the bear having the container on his head. According to the Hurts, others had made the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources aware of the bear, but they hadn’t been able to locate him.

A bear swims in a Wisconsin lake after humans rescue it from the container stuck on his head.

In other words, there’s no telling how much longer the bear could have survived without help. Without a doubt, that makes each member of the Hurt family a hero! As for the Hurts, they’re simply happy they were able to help a creature in need.

“We were so excited!” Tricia says. “We did our good deed for the day.”

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