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10 Amazing Animal Rescues That Will Have You Applauding In Your Seat!

Left frame shows an exhausted fawn that was rescued from a lake. Right frame shows an eagle with a broken wing found in a family's yard. Both animal rescues were successful and both animals were released into their natural habitats.

Cute critters melt our hearts. When we find them in distress, it is heartbreaking. But for every heartwrenching moment of distress, there is an equal number of heartwarming rescue stories. We found some of the most amazing animal rescues on social media for you!

1. Baby Kitten Finds A New Home

Tiny kittens Cloud and her brother Tham were abandoned with three other siblings. On a second visit to the site, only Cloud and Tham remained for the rescuers.

2. Stuck On A Ledge On The 31st Floor!

This fantastic rescue was performed with a pole snare and a net to ensure the cat’s safety. Rescuers wanted to be certain that the cat would not fall after being trapped on the ledge for several days.

3. Missing Mini Dachshund Leads Dad To Take Serious Measures

When a dog goes missing, it is like losing a family member. This dad finally located their missing pup and had to use a shovel to perform the rescue.


Our minature dachshund went missing 😪 Fortunatley we were able to locate and save him ❤️. Never give up looking…🤧🥰 #dachshund #dogrescue #miniaturedachshund #lostdog #dogsoftiktok #dachshundlife #nevergiveup #helpdogs #savedog #savedogs

♬ Here With Me – d4vd

4. 11-Year-Old Rescues Dog On Elevator

This video took our breath away! What an amazing reflex action to save this dog!


Heroic kid saves a pet dog after its lead becomes trapped in an elevator door #dailymirror #news #breakingnews #hero #animal #dog #brazil

♬ original sound – Daily Mirror

5. Owl Covered In Motor Oil Gets A Bath

When a barn owl was discovered drenched in motor oil, it needed a bath. That also meant keeping it warm afterward and checking for other injuries. Check out the legs on that owl!


1st bath for this owl covered in motor oil. These instances are more common in warmer months since tbe animals are looking for water. He will need multiple baths and treatments uintil release time. It would be much nicer if people kepth their oil pans covered. #barnowl #birdbath #wildliferescue #oilpollution #badmechanics #volunteer

♬ original sound – PalomaPalace

6. Tiny Squirrel Discovered By Foster Dog Loves Toys

When her foster dog discovered a tiny squirrel on the cold ground, this rescuer couldn’t just leave it. He wasn’t thriving under her care. Her investigation determined that little Rocky was lactose intolerant. Once she changed out the formula she was feeding the little scamp, he began to grow! He has returned to his natural habitat.


World’s Tiniest Baby Squirrel Gets Big Enough To Play With His Miniature Toys #squirrel #animals #viral

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

7. Precarious Kitten Rescue

Ladders warn you not to climb onto the top platform. This rescuer didn’t care. She bravely climbed up and offered this kitten a chance at survival.

8. An Amazing Compilation Of Animal Rescues

There are three separate animal rescues in this compilation video. All are wonderful examples of the lengths that good people will go to in the name of helping an animal! A domestic cow, a wild elephant, and an exhausted fawn are safe now because people cared.


Exciting animal rescues 🦒

♬ original sound – Yode

9. Little Deer With A Big Kick

As we encroach more and more on the natural habitat of wildlife, encounters like this become sadly more frequent. A small deer caught in a gate was panicking. The rescuer quickly got her unstuck, but he did mention that despite her size, she had a big kick.

10. Eagle With Broken Wing Survives To Fly Again!

Finding a mighty eagle with a broken wing in your backyard is not the norm. After seeing a majestic eagle down on his luck, this family nursed him back to health. After his wing was healed, they worked to retrain him to survive in the wild.


The girl’s family rescued an eagle with a broken wing in their backyard, and the eagle brought about unexpected surprises after making a recovery#pawlabz #animalsrescue #eagle

♬ original sound – Paw Labz 🐾

Domestic or wild animals can find themselves in precarious positions. Offering compassion and a helping hand is our most “human” reaction. We hope you enjoyed these heartwarming animal rescues. Be sure to share with your friends.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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