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Blue-Green Fireball Lights Up The Sky In Incredible Footage Taken This Weekend

View from a car of a bright blue meteor shooting across the sky

There are certain celestial events we can always count on — like the full moon each month. Something we don’t typically count on, however, is a fireball-looking meteor rocketing toward the Earth. But that’s exactly what countless folks witnessed in parts of Spain and Portugal on Saturday. No telescope was needed — this bright fireball lit up the sky, prompting spectators to capture this unusual moment on camera.

Needless to say, this moment was likely equal parts scary and exciting. Thankfully, nearby residents had no need to fear. There have been no reports of anyone being harmed. In fact, the celestial object has yet to be found. At first, the European Space agency described the stunning object as a meteor. More specifically, it was a comet fragment! Check out footage in the video below.

If you’ve ever made a wish on a shooting star, according to NASA, that was a meteor shooting through the sky. Typically, the meteors we see originate from asteroids which are rocky. This one, however, came from a comet, making it icy. The rarity of this meteor makes this unexpected light show all-the-more amazing!

Fireball Meteor That Shot Across the Sky Turns Out to be a Rare Comet Fragment

No matter the origin of a meteor, they’re all beautiful sights to witness! This one in particular likely burned over the Atlantic Ocean at around 38 miles.

As incredible as footage of this spectacular meteor has turned out, I can only imagine how mind-blowing it must have been to witness in person.

“It felt like a movie, we all looked at each other and we were stunned,” Lisbon resident Bernardo Taborda says. “It was amazing.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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