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Forever Young: 84-Yr-Old Grandma Hops On Zip Line At Grandson’s Birthday Party

An excited elderly woman riding an indoor zip line.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… Granny? One grandma took her family by surprise by getting on the indoor zip line at her great-grandson’s birthday. Based on the adorable video her granddaughter posted, it looks like the elderly lady had the best time!

A TikTok user shared the most incredible footage of her grandma fearlessly riding a zip line at a birthday party. The look of pure delight on the woman’s face as she soared over the room was just too precious. Imagine being that gutsy in your eighties!

“It’s all fun and games til your 84-year-old grandmother decides to go zip lining at her great grandson’s birthday party,” wrote the elderly woman’s granddaughter in her video. “She’s not your average granny.”


Everyone should live a day in Granny’s world. The men are all handsome and she doesnt feel a day over 30. 🤣💕

♬ Live Your Life – T.I.

In her caption, the creator added that her grandma has an amazing outlook on life in general.

“Everyone should live a day in Granny’s world,” she joked. “The men are all handsome and she doesn’t feel a day over 30.”

This zip-lining grandma is going viral the internet!

There were so many wholesome comments on this viral video. Lots of users wrote that they wanted to be just like this brave, zip line-riding grandma. Additionally, many others added sweet stories about their own courageous grandparents.

“I wanna be her when I get older,” one person wrote. “She looked so happy.”

“Granny is living her best life,” said another. “I want this level of happiness when I’m old.”

An excited elderly woman riding an indoor zip line.
Screengrab from TikTok

One proud grandchild chimed in with a few words about their great-grandmother, who had a similar lust for life.

“My great grandma went parasailing in Mexico at 82,” they commented. “She died at 104 1/2. She said the 1/2 was important.”

It’s so inspiring to watch this grandma get right on the zip line without being scared. We want to be just like her when we grow up!

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